Credit Policy and Loan Structure

Preparing for growth requires a scalable credit policy as well as the ability to structure credit consistently throughout the organization. Time invested up front will pay dividends as your bank grows in size and becomes more complex. We can help you design systems to structure credit in a scalable manner that will limit the number of additional credit administration personnel as the organization grows.

Loan Review

We believe effective loan review does more than just identify problems- it offers solutions.  At DakotaCal, our commitment is to bring forward solutions to issues we identify and go the extra mile to share resources and best practices that will enable your organization to effectively address emerging issues in the loan portfolio.

Problem Loan Workout

Regulators expect bankers to be proactive in the area of problem loan disposition.  Bankers are expected to maximize recovery for their shareholders. We know the complexity of these seemingly competing directives and have the experience to maximize recovery while promptly executing a disposition strategy. Additionally, we have a network of associates who can assist in operating, marketing, and selling collateral. Our experience includes placing operators in retail businesses to maximize recovery dollars. Let us put our experience to work for you.