DakotaCal Consulting, LLC was founded in 2014 by principal Robert Rowe.  Prior to DakotaCal, Robert served as a chief credit officer of a $1B community bank, commissioned bank examiner with the FDIC, and commercial real estate lender for a regional bank.  Robert is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and earned an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology.  Robert is married to Laura Clark and calls their farm in Red Bluff, CA home.  Robert is a pilot and enjoys packing into the mountains on horseback.

Robert founded DakotaCal to identify and consult with banks who shares a similar philosophy with regard to how they manage their bank.  Prospective customers share a commitment to the following tenets:

Focus on economic value added decision making.

Managers who make investments and drive earnings that meet or exceed their cost of capital create value.  What truly distinguishes a management team is not only the ability to make such investments, but also to avoid those ideas that fall short.  Today there is no shortage of “helpers” in the industry whose goal is to take advantage of a low return world by selling ideas to community bankers whose returns are decidedly short-term.  We are looking for bankers whose commitment to their business allows them to see beyond the current environment and into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Staunch discipline with regards to composition and profitability of the credit portfolio.

Investment bankers, non-bank lenders, and other “middlemen” are persuading community banks to purchase portfolios and chase returns in investments in which community banks have not traditionally participated.  While these offers may alleviate short-term pain in a low return, low growth world, there may be very little in the way of long-term value. Bankers that stay true to their core business and continually improve their core competencies will take market share when the easy money is gone. Our clients ensure the loan portfolio remains sound as it is the source of tomorrow’s earnings.

Treating capital as irreplaceable wealth.

It is simply inadequate to take the position that banks are in the business of taking risks.  Successful bankers are in the business of achieving a risk adjusted return on capital.